The Commute Solutions Partners Program

The Commute Solutions Partners Program is designed to help organizations in the Houston-Galveston region - such as employers, universities, developers and property managers - meet their business and sustainability goals.

We provide complimentary travel demand management planning services for carpool and vanpool, walking and biking, public transit, telework, compressed work week, parking management, and more. We service organizations in Houston and the surrounding areas, including Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller counties.

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Commute Solutions Partner Services

  • Employee commute surveys and trip reduction plans
  • Telework planning and compressed work scheduling assistance
  • Personalized trip planning assistance
  • Company presentations and employee outreach
  • Tax benefits information
  • Transportation Information Center
  • Periodic news updates
  • Information sessions and free webinars
  • Support for national recognition through Best Workplace for Commuters
  • Greenhouse gas reduction

Develop or enhance your commuter benefits program:

  • Reduce commute costs for your employees through pre-tax deductions
  • Improve your bottom line and save an average of $40 per month for each participating employee*
  • Become an employer of choice for top candidates


Provide sustainable transportation choices for students, faculty and staff:

  • Reduce transportation expenses such as parking permits
  • Provide safer travel options
  • Implement pedestrian and bicycling program plans
  • Help your students and staff benefit from shortened commute times

Construct sustainable buildings with LEED credentialing assistance:

  • Reduce the demand on limited parking spaces
  • Assistance with LEED certification goals
  • Contribute to measurable decreases in Green House Gas Emissions

Reduce parking congestion and attract new tenants:

  • Increase tenant retention
  • Decrease or eliminate the need for traffic control by law enforcement officers
  • Become a “choice property” using travel demand management strategies that will attract new tenants

We can help you with commute strategies to achieve results for your employees and the communities you serve.

  • Provide valued tools to employers in your community.
  • Mitigate traffic and improve land use.
  • Increase retention and improve recruitment for your organization.

Resources for Partners

Commute Solutions offers a multitude of resources to assist local governments, employers, colleges and universities, property managers and developers in offering improved commute options for employees, residents and students.


Supporting Commuters Returning to Worksites During COVID-19 provides recommendations to help employers plan for the return to work.

Commute With Confidence is a resource you can provide to your residents, employers and students for tips on commuting safely as they return to work and school.

Complimentary TDM Consultations

Our travel demand management planning assistance program is a federally funded service provided at no additional cost to employers. We work with you one-on-one to customize a travel demand management plan that benefits everyone and your bottom line.