National Bike Month 2022

May is National Bike Month! It's time to dust off that nifty bicycle in your garage and ride it to an event in your community. The Houston-Galveston region is vast, and events are happening in almost every corner to celebrate bicycling. This web page will provide you with basic how-to information on hosting or participating in bike events across the region.

When is Bike to Work Day?

National Bike to Work Week is May 16 - 22, 2022, and the week closes out, celebrating Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 20, 2022. Some organizations choose a different day that week that works best for their residents or employees.

Why Bike to Work?

As our population and congestion increase, finding alternative ways to get to work is critical for our region. In the Houston-Galveston region, 25 percent of people live within 5 miles of their workplaces, an ideal distance for bicycling.

By bicycling to work, you will benefit from better health! Adults who regularly bicycle have a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Commuting to work represents a small percentage of all trips that we take. Bike Month is an excellent opportunity to explore biking to other destinations like coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, schools and visiting your friends and family members. Why not bike there? It's easier than you think. You can even bike part of the way, for instance, to your local transit station or park and ride.


CyclingSavvy is a virtual cycling safety course you can take in the convenience of your home!

Complete the course in the month of May, and you'll be entered to win some cycling swag from HGAC!

Train Your Bike

For new or experienced bicycle riders, this on-the-bike class teaches riders how to anticipate most common scenarios they will face and provides the tools to address real world challenges, from debris to sharing the road, in order to boost confidence and enhance the riding experience.

Complete the course in the month of May, and you'll be entered to win some cycling swag from H-GAC!

Bicycle Friendly Driver

For drivers, the Bicycle Friendly Driver one-hour virtual class (webinar) reviews the rules and best practices of safely sharing the road with bicyclists. The class is based on curriculum created by The League of American Bicyclists and City of Fort Collins Bicycle Ambassador Program/Bike Fort Collins.

Complete the course in the month of May, and you'll be entered to win some cycling swag from H-GAC!

How many people bike to work?

According to the American Community Survey, over 51,000 residents in the Houston-Galveston region bicycle or walk to work. In certain areas within our region, the percentage of people who bike to work exceeds 5% (while our regional average is 0.6%).

Visit H-GAC's Interactive Web Applications to find information about your neighborhood (recommended apps to check out – Historical Commuting Patterns, Activity-Connectivity Explorer, and the Demographic Data Explorer).

National Activities and Events

  • May 1 – National Ride a Bike Day
  • May 4 – Bike to School Day
  • May 16 to 22 - Bike to Work Week
  • May 20 – National Bike to Work Day

Let's Ride! Local Events and Activities

The Houston-Galveston region is huge. Bike Month rides are happening in almost every corner of the region. Below is a list of events happening in our region during Bike Month. If you join a ride, tag @HouGalAreaCog and use #GulfCoastBikes in your post! Get out there and ride!

Join Bike Houston’s monthly ride beginning Sunday, May 1, 2022. As always, we’ll be rolling out from Market Square Park downtown at 8 a.m. Free and open to the public.

Visit the Bike Houston website for more information on programs and resources offered by Bike Houston.

The Houston Bike Summit is back! Join Bike Houston in May — they’ve got both in-person and virtual events, on-bike and off.

Join Buffalo Bayou Partnership on a free Wellness Walk led by Laura Conely, founder of Urban Paths. Anyone and everyone is invited to walk through the paths of Buffalo Bayou Park while discussing topics including mental and physical health as well as the benefits of being exposed to nature.

Join The City of Houston in celebrating Bike to Work Day with a ride the morning of Friday, May 20. The ride will start at Lost Lake Visitor Center (3422 Allen Parkway), ride along Buffalo Bayou Greenway, and end at City Hall. The ride promptly begins at 7:30am!

Houston Parks Board & Orange Show Center for Visionary Art are proud to present Houston's first-ever Houston Art Bike Festival, a city-wide celebration of human-powered art on wheels.

May is National Bike Month! Each year, with support from Bike The Woodlands Coalition, The Woodlands Township recognizes Bike Month with a myriad of events for all ages and skill levels.

Gear Up!

Now is the time to get ready. Below, you will find resources to help you get started, learn about safe bicycling, and how to plan an event.

H-GAC Regional Bikeways Map and Bicycle Safety Information National Bike Month Basic Information (League of American Bicyclists)
National Bike Month Promotional Materials (League of American Bicyclists)
Bike Month Guide (League of American Bicyclists)
Educational Videos (League of American Bicyclists)
Social Media Toolkit (League of American Bicyclists)
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