Commute Solutions Month

Celebrate Commute Solutions Month September 2020

The Houston-Galveston Area Council is excited to help our region explore the many commute options that are available in Greater Houston. Carpool, telecommute, transit, walk, bike, and compressed work weeks have all been important tools for managing congestion and improving air quality in our neighborhoods and on our highways. And in recent months, telecommuting has taken center stage as a primary tool for resiliency in the middle of COVID.

This month, we invite you to Make Your Commute Count by learning how to make the most of these travel options and celebrating how each mode contributes to health, quality of life, productivity, resiliency, and savings!

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Each box below features virtual activities for you to take part in and share with others. We hope to see you at one of these events this month!

Bike to Work (or Anywhere) Week

September 28 to October 2

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Post your picture (and gain a little street cred) in our Bike to Anywhere Social Media Event during Bike to Work Week.